Monday, October 17, 2011

October 17, 2011 Letter

Well, how is everybody doing? Things this week have been pretty good. Me and Elder L. Santos are getting along great and things are going good. But, there are a few things, or news items, that maybe you guys would like to know.

First, we had a Mission Tour with Elder Mazzagardi. He spoke to us for quite a while... It was pretty intense. He talked about a lot of things, but lets just say I think the mission here is going to get better. I know that i feel more motivated to do the best i can to be the missionary, and person the Lord know that I can be, that He wants me to be.

We taught two men that are pretty cool. One named Ailton, who stopped us on the street. We invited him to church, and he went! Turns out he was taught by missionaries quite a while ago. He really is elect. The members here in the branch love him. He really just needs to be baptized. The second man is Nanau. We found him on the street as well. He stopped us and asked if the church has any black, or dark members because he´s never seen any. We answered that there are darker people in the church... and marked a day to visit. When we taught him, it was really cool. He was really interested, and asked a lot of questions, like, "What did God tell Joseph Smith? How can I know this is true? Now what?" He really is a cool guy. WE invited him to come to church next Sunday, and i really hope he does.

Well, that's just a bit of the week. But know that I love you all. This church is so true. Read the Book of Mormon. Its amazing.

Elder Tracy

Monday, October 10, 2011

October 10, 2011 Letter

Well, this week was a good one. Busy, but good. We had some good experiences, and some good learning experiences... Our area is kinda far from everything. Its an hour from district meeting, and i feel kinda in solitary here. Goiana is a lot different than in Recife. Recife is buildings, lots of people, lots of the hustle and bustle of city life. Here is the exact opposite. Here has a nice calm quiet lifestyle. But, the city is huge. Also, has lots of other cities that are in our area. But, we probably wont spend very much time in those areas...

Ok, well some of the experiences this week. We did a lot of contacts... I don't know why, because Elder L. Santos already has 4 months here, but we seem not to have any investigators. hmm... But, we talked with a lot of people. That's not the hard part. The hard part is talking to them again. It seems like they dont want anything to do with us... Hmm... Strange... But, gives us lots of room for improvement.

We did happen to have a baptism. His name is Ygor. He´s 16. He accepted everything we taught. Then I found out he´d already been taught by 8 elders. But he accepted everything. Even the earring. We talked about it and he took it out right then and said he´d never use it again. It was pretty cool.

Also, we did a division with the Zone Leaders. I went with E. Meyers. Turns out that he has family that lives in Mapleton... So ask Grandma Olsen. I'm sure she knows them. Maybe... But E. Meyers is an awesome missionary. I really look up to him a lot. We talked about some problems here and how to overcome them. He really helped me a lot.

Well, life here in Goiana is good. Different, but good. I'm learning a lot, including learning how to sleep on the ground, take showers with a 2 liter bottle of water, and even had an opportunity to lead the branch choir. Life is good. It really is. I love being a missionary. I love you all. Until next time.... Elder Tracy

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

October 3, 2011 Letter

Well, it´s been quite the week. Last Monday night we got a call saying we would recieve another companion. So Tuesday, after district meeting we went to the office to get him. His name is Elder Pincerno. I guess he was having some "real" difficulties with his other companion... But, he´s doing good now.

Another exciting thing was Rusivel. He´s really an amazing person. We talked with him and everything with the Zone Leaders, and they kinda did an interview with him. Elder Labrum, one of the Zone Leaders in Agua Fria, told him to pray hard and to listen, because he would get his answer during conference. Well, Rusivel went to conference, but only one session. But it was good for me. As conference went along, I wasn´t only listening to the talks for me, but I was intently listening to help Rusivel. I dont know if you guys remember the first session, the second speaker, the lady that talked about inspiration and such. Well I feel that talk was pesonally for Rusivel. But the problem is, he wasnt there. But I know that the Lord answers our prayers. But, we have to do our part, being ready to get an answer at anytime.

Conference was great! I love conference! It was kinda a different experience in Portuguese, but it was good. They finally were able to hook up a tv, and me and some other elders watched in beloved english. Its so much easier! No having to try to understand! It was great! Also, I love the Prophet! He´s such a funny man! So loving, and happy! A lot of people are saying he´s crazy, but I know he just really loves us. But conference was a party. Kinda different having sessions at 1 and 5 in the afternoon, and having priesthood rebroadcasted at 8 in the morning Sunday, but it was great. I love conference and have so much that I need to improve. Now is a better time than any to start.

Some other exciting news is that last night, at 10:20, Elder Hocker called and said that me and Elder Barbosa were transferred.... So, we spent a good part of the night packing our bags. This morning we went and visited Joaquina and Rusivel. They´re really the only people that I´m really going to miss here. I´m really sad that I wont be there to help Rusivel. But, the good news is that President Lanius authorized, at least E. Barbosa that he could visit for the baptism. Im hoping that promise applies to me too... But anyways, the transfer. Yep, my new area is Goiana. (Goy-awn-uh) It´s the area farthest north in Pernambuco. It was a long hour and a half ride in a little tiny car, with 4 of us, and 5 pieces of luggage... But, we´re here now. It´s great. My companions name is Elder L. Santos...( I think, IM still learning) But things are good.

Well, thats about it.... for now. Hope you´re all well. Love you all.