Monday, March 28, 2011

Mitchell's Letter - March 28, 2011

Dear Family,

Well, i was just told i only have 5 minutes, so i'll have to make this quick.

We have 3 cool investigators. One named Victor, one girl named America, and another called Estanislao. Estanislao is so awesome. I dont have time to type everything.

Anyway life here is good. It's definitely a different experience. But it's great. It's really making me grow fast. I have to learn how to manage money, buy food, (healthy food is expensive! And CHEESE!! WOW!) but no. Life is good.

Sorry i dont have a lot of time. Today has been crazy. No missionaries were able to give us rides, we had a marriage, it's just been a busy P-Day. But it's been good.

Im excited to get to go to conference. It'll be a neat experience. We get to spend almost 2 days down at temple square. It'll be really great.

Oh ya, Estanislao is on date for April 9th. So ya, Melinda and I both have investigators on date for Hope's Birthday. Its a great day.

Well, I got to go. But I want you all to know that I love you all so much. I miss you, Thanks for sending those pictures. They were great. I'll be sure to write more next week. Talk to you in a week. Bye!

Elder Tracy.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mitchell's Letter - March 21, 2011

Alright, I'll do this in two parts. First to the family, second about my mission stuff.

Melinda, Oh my. No way did I expect to go to Salt Lake. It blew my mind. But, I'm trying to be positive. I figure they kept me close so i could just leave when my visa comes.... Hopefully this week. But no. Life's good. The church is still true everywhere. Doesn't matter which language, which continent, or who you talk to. The church is still true, and everyone can have a chance to feel the spirit. It's just our job to take it to them. As I've recently found out, we're not called to a specific place. We're just called to help other people come to Christ. It doesn't really matter where. Everyone needs it. So take it to everyone.

Hmm... Don't really know what else to say. I guess I could tell you my address.
Elder Mitchell Tracy
Salt Lake City Mission
3487 South 1300 East
Salt Lake City, UT 84106

Hopefully it'll all get to the right place.


I think thats how you spell it.... I dont really know. Well, as you all know by now I've been temporarily reassigned to the Salt Lake City Mission. Ya, it was really weird to find out that I was being reassigned so close to home. I never expected that at all. But, there was 7 of us from our district that got sent here. Elder Clark and Elder McLean got there visas and leave.... today. Weird. But ya, I'm here in Salt Lake.

We left the MTC about 7 am on Friday. Took the shuttle down to the mission office at a church in Salt Lake. It was weird. We talked with President and Sister Winn. We kinda just talked for a bit then ate a little breakfast. Afterwards we took pictures then went back up and got assigned companions. It was weird. I'm in a tripanionship with Elder Flaquer from Barcelona Spain, and Elder Homer from South Dakota. They're cool guys. But anyway, it was weird, because we got assigned companions, and were out doing stuff within an hour. I never expected that at all. Super weird. Oh ya, by the way... Im speaking Spanish now. Bet you didnt see that coming. Well neither did I. Now I have the privilege of learning spanish, and trying to keep the little portuguese that I know. It's super tough but I'm doing the best that I can.

Well, that was the end of our little district. We thought that some of us would get to stay together, but nope. We're all separated. Wont see them again for another 2 years. It's weird to think about. We were together for 2 months and now we're all gone. So weird....

Ok, well.... where to start?? Mission life is so much different out here in the field than at the MTC... We wake up at 6:30 and all, but then we personal study, companion study, and language study for an hour each. By then it's 11 o'clock, we plan, eat lunch, then we work. We walk, we talk, we teach, and we preach. (Pretty good eh?) It's tough. But it's a good experience.

On Friday we got to go to Temple Square. It was really cool. We took an investigator named Estaneslou? He is super cool. He was really interested and knew lots of answers to the Sister's questions. He is super ready to get baptized. But, the only problem is that he needs a kidney transplant. His wife was a member, but now doesnt like the church. But she supports him. She just says that he cant go outside because his immune system is really low. It's sad. He's really our only investigator, and he's sick. We're praying for him everyday.

We've had so many experiences these last 4 days. They were super cool. We talk to a lot of people everyday. Well, I dont, but my companions do. I feel a little like a third wheel. They're all just yappin in Spanish, and I'm just kinda sitting there like a little baby. But worse, because even the little kids speak better spanish than i do. Its sad really, but im trying my best. The families we eat with are super nice. One family just blew my mind. There were 3 sisters, in their 30's. They were talking so fast, so loud, and all at the same time. It was insane. And the fed us flan. I dont really like flan that much. Hopefully i dont get that again.

We've gotten to eat with members a lot. I really like that. They feed us so well. I get really full though. It's super hard because we're supposed to eat everything so they dont get offended. But sometimes, I really am so stuffed. I cant eat anymore. Its good though. And I love mexican food, so thats definitely a blessing. Definitely.

We go to a little Spanish branch on sunday. Oh my goodness. What a different experience. Spanish wards are so much different than English wards. They're much louder, kinda walk in and out of the chapel whenever they want, and take as much time as they want. The Branch President was just kinda calling people up out of the audience. It was weird. Elder Flaquer had to "try" to translate. Because we have some Senior missionaries here that dont really speak spanish either. But, it's good. Sacrament meeting lasted an hour and a half. It was the longest meeting that i'd ever been in. But it was good.

There is another companionship in our area i guess. They have so many investigators and we have none. It kinda upsets Elder Homer a bit. But we're good. We're not upset. We just need to work harder and have more faith that the Lord has prepared people and we need to find them.

We got to go to the Salt Lake Temple today. It was super cool. I'd never been before and I'm so glad that I got to go. It was soooo cool. It was awesome.

Well, mission life is different than expected. But it's much better. I love it. I love seeing people that don't have the gospel in their lives get interested. Even if they really arnt interested, it's good for me to see these experiences. It'll help me a lot I think.

I love you all. Talk to you soon. Bye

Friday, March 11, 2011

March 4, 2011 - Letter

Well, its time again for another letter. Its so weird. Been here 6 weeks... only 2 weeks left before im gone. Its kinda nerv-racking. Nothing like Melinda's murder/shooting. Man, that was so crazy. Im glad she's ok. Thats insane!

Wow, well we're the oldest missionaries in our zone now. Its weird because i definitely dont feel like the oldest one. I never do. Not in high school as a senior, or not now. Oh well. I've learned that age doesnt really matter. Especially here at the MTC. We're all here to serve the Lord, and 1 year doesnt make that big of a difference.

A couple missionaries in our zone got their visas this week. 4 of them. So there is hope. I'll get to Brazil eventually.

Um, some kinda sad news is that Sis Jensen cant go to Brazil because she has stomach issues. She throws up after every meal. It was really bad last week. But anyway, the doctors said there is no way they are sending her to Brazil like that. So she got reassigned to Orlando, Florida English Speaking. They dont send sister missionaries Portuguese speaking in the US which i think is strange... They'll send them to the middle of the Amazon, but not portuguese speaking to Boston, or New York... Oh well. I know there is a reason for it. ANd i know that there's a reason Sis Jensen was supposed to learn Portuguese. I know the Lord has a plan for everything and we just need to trust Him and serve anywhere we go.

But speaking of reassignments, i either get it next week or the next. I really dont know. I get confused on which week we're on. Because we've been here for 6 weeks and 2 or 3 days, but its technically our 7th week. So i dont really know when they'll come. BUt when i do get a reassignment or travel plans i get to call home so be ready for that.

Me and Elder Clark got roomates this week. Its definitely different. They seem like nice guys but i dont really know them very well yet. They have a strange odor to them, but it'll be good. I dont like sleeping on the top bunk. Its a lot hotter up there and im a little nervous of falling off. Just kidding. But kinda seriously. But it's fine.

Irmão Shaeffer came back on Monday. It was really good to see him again. We all missed him very much. That night, we all taught him a lesson. We kinda just talked about scriptures and then bore testimony. But it was really cool. It was all in Portuguese and the spirit was super strong. His father passed away and i know it was hard for him. Sis Jensen's father passed away several years ago as well. So when she spoke, Irmão Shaeffer started to cry. It was sad, but the spirit was strong and was testifying that it was true. When i bore my testimony, i could feel it so strong. I felt so much love for him. More love for anyone that i met 6 weeks earlier in my life. It was so cool. I know that im going to need that same love when i go and teach people the gospel. Im going to need to love complete strangers, so it was good to get an opportunity to love him like that.

Im learning a lot about the gospel. I love it here. I kinda want to stay longer and learn more, but i know i cant. I know i need to get out there and teach people about Christ. I cant wait for that time. I know the gospel has brought so much happiness to my life, and i cant wait to share that with other people. I want them to know for themselves that Heavenly Father loves them, and that they can return to live with him again. Im so excited for the opportunity i have to serve a mission. I love it.

Talk to you later. I love you all. The church is true.