Tuesday, September 27, 2011

September 26, 2011 Letter


So, another week here in Torreão. This week was kinda slow. Not much is happening here. We´re "kicking" all of our investigators that really don't want anything... The sad part is we´re left with 2. Ugh... Gives us a lot of room to improve though. We talked with President Lanius and he told us to work with the less actives to first, get them re involved with the ward, and second to find new people to teach. So we´ve been trying that, but with very very little success. But, we just need to keep on going. That's all we can do.

Really, the only person we have is a man named Rusivel. His wife is a member, and he´s amazing. But, we´ve been struggling with him. Ever since he and his wife had dengue 2 weeks ago, there has been almost no improvement. We´ve remarked his baptism 3 times. He´s waiting to get an answer. I think he wants a huge answer like an angel or something. He´s already had spiritual experiences. He loves how people serve in the church, he already has a desire to share the gospel with one of his friends. But, there´s something there... We just need to find out what it is, and figure out how to help him.

Well, that's it. Not a very exciting week. But, a good learning experience.... But it would really be nice to have a happy week where things turn out good every once and a while...

Love ya,

Elder Tracy

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

September 19, 2011 Letter


Well, these past 5 days have been great. There are a couple things in particular that were amazing.

First, Wednesday I was finally able to go to the temple. It was amazing. I love the temple. It was a little difficult in a different language and all, but really, it was amazing. I absolutely love the temple.

Second, Thursday we had interviews with Elder Costa and with President Lanius. It was great. Elder Costa is such a great guy. He´s super spiritual. He really just talked with me. Asked about my family, areas, companions, and some things I can do to improve. He also told me he has a house in Draper, in case you´re interested... And I had my first interview with President Lanius. It was great. He´s so loving. He talked about the "new" rules, area, problems. It was really just a good talk. It was great. Afterwards he just gave me a hug. It wasnt like a normal hug, it was really caring... I don't know how to explain it... It was just.. different. I know that he really loves each one of us and wants the best for us. It was a great day.

Next, we´re being blessed. The Lord is really putting people in our paths. We´ve had some cool contacts on the street, at the store, meeting new people, friends of referals who are actually more interested than the referals... It´s just been a real eye opener for me of how the Lord works. Now, we just have to do our part and help them.

Finally, Léo finally was able to get confirmed. After suffering through 4 weeks of his mom and grandpa working against him to not be able to go, he was finally able to go to church! It was great. Also, Kaline was there too, and a miracle, her mom came. Her mom, Cicera, kinda doesn't want Kaline to get baptized... But, she came to church, liked it, and hopefully that opens doors for her. It should be great.

Well, that's just a bit. But know that life is great. Im great. The church is awesome and true. I love it. The End... for now...

Elder Tracy

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

September 14, 2011 Letter


Well, just to get all your worries away, yes, I´m still alive. I´m actually doing pretty good here. Sorry about not writing on Monday. Our Pday got switched to today... Why? Because we get to go to the temple today!! Finally! I´m so excited!! I haven't been to the temple in 6 months... Its sad, but Im finally going. So it´s all good.

This week has been kinda rough. We´re dropping almost all of our investigators. We´re really focusing on finding this week. We need people to teach that are ready to receive the gospel. It´s not the most fun work to do, but we´ve found some nice old ladies that have some potential. I´m excited to teach them.

And, this week we have the opportunity to have a general authority here in the mission. President Costa. He´s the area president. He´s interviewing every missionary in the mission. Our meeting is tomorrow. Should be great.

Well, thats about it on my end. Just know that things are good, I still love you all, and the church is and always will be true.

Elder Tracy