Friday, February 25, 2011

February 25, 2011 - Letter

 Well another week has come and gone. Its so weird how fast time goes by here. Its so weird. But all the districts that were here before us are almost all gone. The last two leave next wednesday. They're all being reassigned to different states. No one has been sent to Brazil except the Elder a couple weeks ago. But its good. They're all so excited to get out there and serve the Lord. It'll be weird though because we'll be the oldest group here, and we only have 2 or 3 weeks left here. Its so crazy!

I dont even know what else to say. Brother Shaeffer comes back on Monday. We're all excited. Its been 2 or 3 weeks and we all miss him.

Me and Elder Clark got Brother Dodge a new portuguese hymn book because he lost his. His birthday was on Monday so we got one engraved and wrote our testimonies in it. IT was cool. He really liked it. I love him so much. He's a great man.

Uhm, we've had some substitutes because Bro Shaeffer isnt here. But we've had two that went to Recife. They're both awesome. They have an official Recife Mission anthem that we've been trying to learn. Ha we love it. Everytime we see Brother Allred we put our hands over our hearts and start singing. Its great. They've told us some stories that i probably shouldnt tell because mom and grandma will freak out. But lets just say that its one of the most dangerous cities in the world. Im excited. I know it'll be cool to be there and i know the lord will protect us. Also, they've told us that Recife is the most beautiful city in Brazil. It'll be great.

I know that this church is true. I love you all so much. Im so excited to be here on a mission. I love it here. Write me more if you'd like to. I love you.

Elder Tracy

Friday, February 18, 2011

February 18, 2011 - Letter

 Well, another week has come and gone. Its so weird. Life is good here in the MTC.
We went to the temple today. We did sealings. It was my first time and it was really cool to be a part of that. I love the temple so much. If you think about how important it is to the people that you are doing it for it means so much more. It makes me happy to be able to provide them with the same opportunities that we all have.

Anyway, life here is great. Yesterday we started this thing where we have to speak Portuguese at all times. If we speak English we have to carry the "English rock". It weighs 10 pounds and everyone makes fun of you. Its really hard to just speak Portuguese. But i know that this will help us all out with learning the language.

Oh. One of my teachers, Brother Shaeffer, his dad died. He died really suddenly and unexpectedly. He's going to be gone for at least 2 weeks. Please keep him and his family in your prayers.

People are leaving and coming all the time. We had our old zone leaders leave on Tuesday. It was weird. The new zone leaders are Elder McComber and Elder Gage. They seem frustrated but they'll do a good job. We and 29 new missionaries come into our zone this week. 2 Districts so lots of missionaries. We were supposed to get new roommates but we didn’t.

Oh. I filled out my online visa application on Tuesday!!!! So, between 2-6 weeks till I should have my visa. So hope for the best.

I love it here at the MTC. I’m so thankful for the opportunity i have to serve a mission. I am learning so much everyday. It has and will continue to help me become the person that i want to be for the rest of my life. Elder Pearson spoke on Tuesday. He told us we need to become disciples of Christ. I really want that. I am so thankful for what he did for me and i want to help people return to him. I love this gospel. Got to Go

Love you. Elder Tracy

Friday, February 11, 2011

February 11, 2011 - Letter

Well, its Pday all over again. Time is flying by so fast. Seeems like just yesterday was our P-day, but oh well

The days fly by so fast. Some days I dont even remember what we did earlier. Its tough. But we're speaking only portuguese in class now. We kinda had to because our teachers dont "understand" english anymore. But its good. Its helping me to learn faster and better i think.

Oh ya. Parker O'very got his reassignment to Tallahasee or somewhere in Florida. Dont know if you knew that or not. But I heard that the mission president down there has been asking if the reassigned missionaries can go there. I guess there are a lot of Portuguese speakers in the southern states. Florida, Alabama, Georgia. And no. North Carolina is not in the south. So if i get reassigned, I'll probably go to one of those three states.

Um, we had a fireside on Tuesday. Someone from the seventy. His wife bore her testimony in spanish, portuguese, and English. It was really cool. It was simple, but very powerful. The spirit was very strong.

We taught at the TRC on wednesday. We taught about the plan of salvation. He seemed to feel really good about it. He prayed and read the scriptures. He felt the spirit both times. He told us he had been baptized when he was born. We told him that he needed to be baptised in Christs name to get to the celestial kingdom. He said he wanted that, and if thats what God wanted he said he'd do it. I know it wasnt a real lesson, but it was still my first opportunity to commit someone to be baptized. It was cool.

Im doing good though. I feel like im getting fat. I eat a lot here. 3 meals a day, snacks throughout all day, and then we only get 50 minutes to excersice. Its not enough time to burn off all the food im putting in my body. But oh well. One of my teachers, Brother Dodge, lost 60 pounds on his mission. He had some disease, and had worms in his stomach, but still. 60 pounds. So i figure what ever i put on here, i'll just lose it with diseases.

Also, there is a teacher who went to Recife. He said its really poor. There are favelas? Super poor area, lots of houses dont have addresses. But he only got a gun pulled on him once, so not too bad.

Any way, im doing great. I only ghave 30 seconds so i got to go. I love you all. The church is true.  Bye

Friday, February 4, 2011

February 4, 2011 Letter

It's already been 2 weeks. It feels like its been so long but also like its been no time at all. Its weird to think about how we've only been here for 2 weeks and We'll be doing it for 2 years. Man, it's crazy.
Well mission life has been great. It's been tougher this week though. Its tough being district leader and trying to keep everyone else happy. Its hard to know how to help them. But I think we're doing pretty good. We've really tried to transition from listening to our teachers speak portuguese and us answer in english, to everything in portuguese. Its really hard. I can never say what i want or feel like saying because i dont know the word in portuguese. I hope it starts coming quicker. But the language is great. It sounds a lot prettier than spanish thats for sure. They dont sound as beautiful as us amazing portuguese speakers. haha. Just kidding, but really it's true.
About the mission thing.... Thats pretty tough. I dont really know what to say. I mean, i've always wanted to, and known that i would serve a mission. But my advice would be along the same lines as melindas. Just get out there and do it. You know its the right thing, the Lord wants you to go, and it will help out so many people. Just dont be selfish and do 'your life stuff' for two years and make hundreds/thousands of people suffer because you wernt willing to go. I know that its tough to think about, and tough to get over, but i know that its true. I've heard so many experiences of missionaries blessing the lives of so many people. One i heard today, a missionary didnt get his visa to brazil so he got sent to florida. He had a brazilian flag over his window. In the middle of the night, some guy knocked on their door. He only spoke portuguese and wanted to know more about the church. The Lord knew that this man needed to have this missionary put in this spot. If he hadnt gone on his mission this poor man could have never heard the gospel. Just dont be selfish. I know the Lord has blessed us all so much. Its the least we can do to help more of His children, and our brothers and sisters, return to our Heavenly Father.
Im so grateful for the opportunity to be serving a mission. I can not wait to teach people the gospel, and to see their "faces light up" as Melinda said. I know that there are people in Brazil that are waiting for me to teach them the gospel. So that they can be with their families forever. Im so happy for this gospel. Im grateful for all the blessings that i have, and that we all have. I know this Church is true and im so thankful for it. I know that President Monsen is the true prophet called of God on this earth to help us. I know that if we listen to what he says, we will be blessed.
I love you all so much. Thanks for your support and i'll talk to you all in a week. Bye

January 28, 2011 Letter

Well, first real P-Day. So far so good. We went to the temple today, our whole district did endowment session. It was a great experience. The temple is so cool. Its such a beautiful place and the spirit is so strong. I've always liked the cake temple, now i've been inside it.
Ok, i'll tell you a little more about our district. Names, Elder Shokes, Elder Becker, and Elder McCloskey have a trifecta going on, Elder Gage is really funny guy, companion is Elder McComber. Elder McComber talks a lot and is kind of annoying, but oh well. I guess i'll have to deal with it, or learn to get through it. How ever you want to word it. Then there's Elder Judson( weird guy) and Elder Mclean. Elder Mclean is kindy shy but a really cool guy. Ok, then there's the sisters. There's Sister Averret and Sister Jensen. Sister Jensen remindes me a lot of Grandma Tracy. Sister Jensens been having a really tough time here. There's Sister Goodwin and Sister Berrett. They're both really nice and really funny. Then there's Sister White and Sister Brady. Sister White is kinda shy and Sister Brady's the complete opposite. Sister Brady busted her big toenail off and broke her toe. It kinda stinks but i think she\'s alright. We're all getting along great so far. I hope it stays that way.
It's great to be here serving the lord. Me and Elder Clark went to a tutor to help us pronunciate better. He showed us a scripture where it says the lord spoke to him in his own language. Thats why its so important for us to learn the language, because we are representatives of Jesus Christ. We do his will. That includes talking to his people in their language. It allows them not to just feel the spirit, but to know what it is and act on it. I thought that was really cool.
Alright. Time's almost up so i'll start saying goodbye. Bye