Monday, February 27, 2012

February 27, 2012 Letter

So, this week was a good one. Im getting to know Elder R. Silva and Elder Quaresma better. Elder R. Silva reminds me a lot of Dallen... The way he looks, acts.... I dont know.. There are some similarities. But ya, things are going good.

We had some cool experiences... We went to a family on Saturday. The man we were looking for wasnt there, but we asked if we could come in anyways. We started talking and the man showed up. We talked with them and they were really interested. While I recounted the first vision I felt the spirit really strong. It was just like, whoa this is really true. It was a really cool feeling. I know they felt the spirit. It was an awesome experience.

But, other than that not much. We´re taking care of 2 areas.. Jardim America, and Jangadeiro. ... They´re pretty contrasting wards... But, they´re both awesome. On Sunday there was another cool experience. All the youth returned from EFY, or as they say it EFI... But they had a testimony meeting for them.. There was one young man who didnt go up. The bishop came down, and took him up to the pulpit. He just cried.. Everyone was crying.. The Spirit was really strong.. It was a cool meeting. I especially loved seeing the love of the bishop, going down to help this boy... It just showed that he really cared about him. Others might have been like, oh, he´s a lazy teenager who doesnt want to come up... But this bishop was really loving. It was great.

I love the mission. Its amazing. Love you all. Elder Tracy

Love you all. Have a great week.

Elder Tracy

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