Monday, December 19, 2011

December 19, 2011 Letter

Well this has been a great week. We had some cool things this week. First, we had a christmas devotional with President Lanius. All of the zones had 1 person speak, then everybody sang a song. It was really cool. The spirit was strong. And i only messed up on the piano 1 time.... oops. But afterwards we had lunch... Wow... It was the thanksgiving meal that i had missed... turkey out the wahzoo.... They even had gravy!! I didn't even know that existed here!

So, have I told you guys about ...... and .......? They´re a couple we´ve been teaching for some time now. They know the Book of MOrmon is true, but he was just looking for the "certainty" that it was really true. Well anyways, we fasted that they could recognize its true. And yesterday they came to church!! Their baptism is marked for this Saturday... I´m dreaming of a white Christmas... haha. Its going to be soooooo great. I love you all. Have a merry christmas. I love ya

Elder Tracy

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