Monday, December 19, 2011

December 5, 2011 Letter

Well, another week come and gone... This week was great.

So, this week was good. Elder Barbosa is training now... His companion is Elder Linton. He´s from Mona... Close to Nephi... Turns out he knows Jacob Howell... Weird huh? There are 7 billion people on this planet... It´s just crazy how small the world is, and how many people we know...

So, investigators... We taught a woman named .... She´s a stud! She knows the Book of Mormon is true, that Joseph Smith was a prophet... She just didnt want to mark her baptism till after she went to church... and guess what?! She went to church yesterday!! And loved it!! So now we just go there, mark it, then do it. BAM! It´s going to be great! We´re also going to work with her husband... He "goes" to Assembleia de Deus... (By the way, do you guys know of a church in the US called Assembly of God, or something??? Because I cant think of any.. then again Im not that familiar with other religions...)

Other good news, yesterday we had 7 people at church!!!!!! It was sweet! We´re really going to work with these  people this week because they´re the ones putting forth the effort to know... So, they´re ready!! Yes!!

We had an interview with President Lanius on Friday. It was great. I love him so much. He shows so much concern and love. You can really tell that he wants the best for us. Especially his hugs... My goodness... Its the best hug ever! Maybe its because i cant hug many people... But his hugs just show so much love and concern. Their great.

Well thats about it. I want you all to know that we need to be happy. We have the true gospel of Jesus Christ!! Lets help everyone else know the same thing!!! Dont worry, about a thing... Because every little thing, is gonna be alright... Because we have Jesus Christ!!!

I love you all. Elder Tracy

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